20 November 2015

STYLE | My favourite ripped jeans and REVOLVE's new express DHL delivery for HK ❤️

Photo's by Lorraine Lo

Being the avid shopper that I am, I can honestly say that online shopping is one of the most efficient ways to grab that must-have item for your wardrobe. Not only are you offered the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your bed, you’ll be exposed to brands and special releases from around the world that aren’t usually available in your hometown. I swear, most of the things I buy nowadays is bought online. Given that, I'd say I know a fair amount when it comes to trusting these online retailers with my hard earned cash. But as you may already know, online retailers come by the dozen these days. Considering the wide selection we get, having too many choices can be a major turnoff if you don't know what you want.

I was recently approached by online retailer REVOLVE for a sponsored post and this being my first time, I was really attracted by their selection that featured contemporary luxury to unique street brands which were more upmarket than your usual Cheap Monday (Don't get me wrong, they're still one of my favourite brands!). With that in mind, I can say wholeheartedly that it would be out of character to plug a brand if it doesn't fit my aesthetic.

After reading an article on Fortune about Revolve's online success, I realised one of their keys to success (and the chagrin of my wallet) is that their items are ahead of trends before they're even made popular. The reasoning behind that lies with their experience back when Juicy Couture was all the rage. After realising those who bought the heinous tracksuits were 'late adopters' to the trend, Revolve realised that they needed to push ahead in order to maintain their core clientele who were social media savvy and 'on the beat'. So instead, the moment something trending hits the mass market, they remove the offending style and choose to stay ahead of the curve. It's reassuring then to know that whatever you see on their site is fresh and something you didn't know was even trending. Talk about an education!

But that's not the best part... Eyeing Hong Kong's shopaholics as a market worth tapping into, REVOLVE is now offering free 3-5 days express DHL delivery upon spending $100 USD. And to celebrate this glorious new service, they're offering a special sale for friends and family that discounts 20% OFF your entire order! Simply visit their website here and email two of your friends to receive your coupon and spread the word. Do hurry though as the sale ends on 23/11!

More convenience for you, less so for your wallet :)

And now a little about what I got from REVOLVE:

I have to point out that the ripped jeans I bought from niche denim brand, Mr Completely, has become one of my favourite items of the season. I've always wanted a pair but have never really found the right one that had the perfect amount of 'distress' and wash. This magical pair has the softest cotton I've ever felt for a pair of jeans and the placement of the rips are just right. There's also a range of denim pieces from the same label that are worth checking out here, in case you're curious :P

Also worth noting is the Fred Perry 'Barrel Bag' that I've always wanted but never came around to get. Its varsity colours and striped style lends itself a timeless appeal that goes with pretty much any outfit. The duffel shape also comes in handy for weekend trips or whenever you need a larger sized bag to carry your essentials - a much better variant I'd say to the branded gym bags that bankers carry around everywhere. Multiple zips come in handy when you need to compartmentalise items, while the adjustable strap allows you to carry the bag either on the side or around your back like a backpack. It's safe to say that I've left a happy customer and will definitely be returning again...

12 November 2015

STYLE | Where the Green Grass Grows

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-leaves run.

Excerpt from To Autumn, John Keats
Fresh wisps of wind and the waning vigour of the Sun - ah, the welcome return of Winter. Many would agree that it's the best time in Hong Kong. Everyone seems less agitated and we embrace the cooler weather by layering. While the humidity poses a challenge to heavy fabrics (at least before the new year), breathable fabrics are a godsend when it comes to the 852. 

Lately I've noticed the lack of people wearing denim, which comes as a surprise given its versatile and timeless appeal. Owned by the likes of festival 'grammers, downtown coffee hipsters, or beard-loving lumbersexuals, denim can be worn in any way or by any person you can imagine. In this series, I made it my mission to wear denim in the most blatant way possible. For those who still feel like it's a taboo, fret not as double denim isn't as much of a faux-pas as it used to be (either that or I'm just horribly mistaken).  

Over the past summer, I was lucky enough to catch Bryant Lee (@bryantlives) whose photography continues to get better and better. Yes you read that right, we shot these photographs in the 30 something degree sauna that is Hong Kong. Despite the heat, the photos more than made up for it. At a location that's frequented by bike lovers and picnic dwellers, the wild grass and 'fields' of green gave me the impression that I was in a meadow that existed purely out of my imagination. I was rudely awakened by reality however; that despite something as beautiful as the image that lay before my eyes, the muddy marsh I stepped into reminded me that there will always be a flip side no matter how hard you believe otherwise. #liveandlearn

9 November 2015

FASHION | 5 Things I want for Christmas (but it's always Christmas so whatever...)

1. Colour Block Hi-Top Sneakers from Marni

What? Known for their emphasis on colour, print and shape, Italian label Marni is an all-time favourite amongst fashion lovers. The new Fall Winter collection presents a wide range of delightful accessories, including these gorgeous high top sneakers in calfskin leather and rubber panels. 

Why? Colour blocking will always be in trend no matter what. With a bold red band across the top, you can always dress up or down an outfit with these modern looking sneakers. Its timeless graphic appeal also renders it a safe investment for anyones' sartorial needs.

Where? Available online at Hypebeast for $5,813.

2. Youth Hotel by Gosha Rubchinskiy

"It's very romantic, the name, because a hotel is a place where you stay for a bit and then leave. Youth is a transitional state," Gosha explains. "With this book I'm inviting everyone to stay in this world of youth."

What? A raw, emotional photographic journal chronicling adolescent life and youth culture of the current generation. 

Why? It's the ultimate visual guide to what inspires the fashion of today, holding itself as a cultural/fashion zeitgeist that celebrates youth culture through the lens of an outsider.

Where? The waiting list is available online at IDEA Books (I've got my hands on a signed copy thanks to a special someone in London :P)

3. Opus XIV by Harry Winston

What? There's reason behind the madness of one of the most anticipated watch releases of the year. 4 discs telling the time, timezone and date respectively are housed in a white gold case that is styled in a retro Americana vibe. The other disc you ask? It's for 'aesthetics' where a press of the button will drop a miniature record onto a playing disc.

Why? Its cool factor and the fact that it screams class with a fun and zany attitude.

Where? The thing of dreams unless you have a cool USD$430,000 lying around. Even then, it's only limited to 50 units in the world but that can't stop me from dreaming :P


4. 'Liquidambar' Candle by DIPTYQUE

"A celebration of the delights of nature which embraces the redness of this large autumnal tree."

What? A limited edition blend of nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar. Basically, Christmas in a candle.

Why? Who doesn't like the smell of Christmas? The promise of warm, cozy fireplaces and wisps of cinnamon conjures up all sorts of olfactory goodness one would associate with the holiday season.

Where? Available at Diptyqe boutiques worldwide. $245 for 2.4 oz and $490 for 6.5 oz.

5. LV City Guides for iOS
What? The most stylish digital pocketbook guide you'll ever need for your travels.

Why? Renowned as the purveyor of taste, Louis Vuitton's guide to these must-see destinations are packaged beautifully with an easy-to-use interface and stylish graphics. The itineraries are to look out for, especially if you're into unknown boutiques and unique art experiences, all in the comfort of your phone.

Where? iOS app. Paris city guide available for free until 31st December.