4 July 2015

FASHION | Steven Meisel for Miu Miu Fall 2015 Campagin ‘Subjective Reality’

With a penchant for capturing the joy of living, Steven Meisel is a well-established figure that is a force to be reckoned with. Having discovered many top models such as Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell early in their careers, Meisel is a prominent photographer that has famously shot every cover and lead editorial for Italian Vogue. His passion to empower women and depict lifestyles that people aspire towards is a reason his photographic style remains to be one of the most recognized for its cultural significance.

The Fall 2015 season finds Meisel shooting for Prada’s sister label Miu Miu in their stylized advertising campaign, one that captures an improvisational spirit on the streets of New York. Aptly named ‘Subjective Reality’, each image carries a “seemingly off-hand compositional and perspectival logic that suggests a highly subjective gaze: a bystander is captured mid-gesture, a car window partially frames the street, backgrounds are populated by the mini-dramas of passersby.”

The fragmentation of scenes are influenced partially by the carefree juxtaposition of material in the collection, from glossy pinafore tops to the rusty plaid and striped shirts. “Bursts of saturated color punctuate the scenes in unexpected ways: brilliant red lipstick finds its twin in the shiny paint of a passing fire truck.” Besides the clever compositional crafting, their subjective titles are equally as significant where the implied invisible presence of the author is felt, not dissimilar to the company of street style photographers.

Not one to ignore his flair for uncovering the latest talent on the runway, ‘Subjective Reality’ is no different with its fresh casting of relatively new names (Maddison Brown, Hailey Gates, Mia Goth, Stacy Martin). Come September, it’ll be a fun game of catching them as the new ‘it girls’ for Fall 2016.

28 December 2014

STYLE | [OOTD] Rooftops, Ruffles and Beyond

Photo credits to Emily Cheng

Looking back, it's been a 2 month hiatus since my last post on Cut & Copy. With all the projects and collaborations I've been involved in, I was able to visit a side of fashion that I've always wanted to experience more of. While I'm happy to announce that this blog is up and running again, I'm also continuously expanding my styling portfolio with talented photographers, makeup artists and models in Hong Kong. For those curious what I've been up to lately, take a look at N I C K C Y C H A N and give me a comment below!

29 October 2014

ART | Tristan Eaton's First Solo Exhibition at Above Second Gallery

Above Second Gallery is proud to present Tristan Eaton's first solo exhibition, centred around his mixed media paintings that revolve around contemporary culture. Having lived what many may consider a 'nomadic' lifestyle, Eaton's wide-ranging work focuses on the people that he's met over the years, etching permanent fragments of his memories that are associated with his friends, lovers or simply images that are loosely attached to a distant time and place.

At the height of his career with over 30 years of work, Eaton's diverse portfolio ranges from street billboards, wall murals to designing toys for Fisher Price at the young age of 18. Shortly after studying at the School of the Visual Arts in New York City, Eaton founded Thunderdog Studios, whose high profile clients include Nike, Disney and Barack Obama. In 2012, Eaton returned to Los Angeles to pursue his large scale murals and paintings, some of which are in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).