15 October 2014

FASHION | Fall 2014 'It' List - Part II: homme

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Click here for Part 1: femme.

14 October 2014

FASHION | Fall 2014 'It' List - Part I: femme

Around a month ago, I was tasked to create Fall 2014's 'It' List for Timeout Hong Kong's annual style issue. I have to say it was far from what I had expected in terms of difficulty. Don't get me wrong - I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the arduous task of finding the key trends of the season, browsing for these so-called 'It' items, contacting PRs for the availability in Hong Kong and of course, the writing. The latter didn't bother me so much. In fact, it was more of a cathartic process from having to deal with item requests over the phone (you can imagine the level of bitchiness in the fashion industry). Add to that a mix of "Sorry, the item you requested is not available in Hong Kong," or "We don't have any images of the product you're looking for," and you'll literally want to throw your phone out the 10th floor. Of course, it's not all that bad. At the end of the day, I'm quite proud of what I've created and you'll realise the stress of having to deal with incessant back-and-forth emails is all worth it in the end.

Click below the jump to see the six 'It' items you need for Fall 2014 and stay tuned for Part 2 for the men's list!

1 September 2014

TECH | 3 New Fashion Apps for Fall 2014

From left: Hyperlapse | Facetune | Somebody
Fashion catches on to new technology fairly quickly and there's no doubt that smartphone apps help fashionista's stay on the top of their social media game. From revolutionising the way fashion is shared to the way clothes are bought, apps continue to enrich our lives by providing more ways to share our activities to the world. Below are three of the newest apps that have been released and are poised to become one of the biggest releases of the year.

30 August 2014

FOOD | A casual affair at Blue Butcher

Summer is officially over and in a matter of days, I'll be returning to my monotonous school routine making architecture models and dreaming of Christmas. While the thought of impending doom doesn't do much to change my situation, I'm left thinking what got me through those tough days at the studio. Personally, the perfect combination is a nice meal with a couple of friends. An afternoon brunch of bellinis and eggs royale perhaps?

But let's be honest here. Student budgets don't call for such extravagant tastes. A warm bowl of chicken leg, egg and instant noodles is probably the best pick-me-up for an all-nighter. Someone wise once said, "You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."And with that, I know for a fact that you don't have to go to a Michelin-starred restaurant to enjoy a plate of good food (a guide which, to my opinion is a tad biased towards showmanship and avant-gardism).

Which brings me to the main topic of this post: a casual lunch with a friend from high school. And what's more casual than a nice, juicy burger? Admittedly, the best one in town is the one and only burger from The Butcher's Club. However, Blue Butcher being a forerunner of the burger craze in Hong Kong must mean something.

28 August 2014

STYLE | [OOTD] Urban Wanderlust

On me: t-shirt asos | shorts asos | watch Daniel Wellington | messenger bag ro Bags | shoes gram

Rooftopping has been on my to-do list for quite some time already. With over 2,354 buildings, Hong Kong surpasses even the tallest of cities including NYC and Tokyo. With that in mind, it's a terrible waste not to explore the city from this perspective, whether it's at a rooftop party or a quick respite from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Your feet dangle over the ledge – a breathtaking precipice that’s both thrilling and cathartic. The twinkling lights of Victoria Harbour unfolds itself like a private light show and you – small and insignificant – sit amidst the dense concrete jungle that envelops your peripheral vision. Overcrowded and mildly claustrophobic, this stunning metropolis remains to be one of the most magnificent places to live in.

Photo credits to Emily Cheng

4 August 2014

FASHION | My First Cover with Cantopop singer Eman Lam

On Eman: Jacket from Ellery | Leather top from D.Effect | White translucent shirt from Nanushka (Courtesy of electricsekki)

 Eman Lam was a name that I hadn't heard of before and never in my mind would I have expected to meet a Cantopop singer in person. With my current internship at Timeout Hong Kong, I've been given countless opportunities to try new things thanks to style editor Arthur Tam. For Issue 161, we featured local pop star Eman Lam who had previously sung together with singer Ellen Loo in a Cantopop duo called at17. Now with the launch of her second solo album On the Go, Lam sets out to experiment with her sound and push for a wider appeal.

Click below to read my experience and thoughts about styling my first magazine cover!

30 July 2014

MUSIC | Diplo releases 'Random White Dude Be Everywhere' + Uncensored Reddit AMA forum

It's hard not to come by Diplo in the EDM scene with numerous festival anthems under his name within the past two years. His frequent collaborations with major electronic acts such as Steve Aoki, Travis Porter and Waka Flocka Flame has earned him a considerable amount of support from fans worldwide. Having headlined the recent Ultra Music Festival 2014, DJ and music producer Diplo has been busy developing his genre-blending style from hip-hop, EDM to trap and bass - namedropping artists like M.I.A, Katy Perry and Madonna (with a yet unreleased La Isla Bonita remix) as notable collaborators.

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