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9 December 2015


'Tis the season for thick jackets! It's days like these that's just the right amount of cold to hide under cozy duvets and fluffy scarves. As for me, you won't catch me without my favourite leather jacket. Padded for comfort and undeniably stylish, this trusted wardrobe essential offers warmth without any compromises. I've had this treasure for over a year now and it has yet to disappoint with its gorgeous studded collar detail. The other reason worth owning a jacket like this is the feeling you get just by draping it over your shoulders. I admit it's definitely on the heavier side, but boy is it worth the extra weight. Saint Laurent will have to wait until my sugar daddy arrives but until then, I definitely feel like I'm channeling my inner-Slimane whenever I wear this piece. Think LA alternative types in their skinny jeans and shades.

On a funnier note, I was definitely feeling a wave of teenage rebellion that day. So much so that I wasn't aware of the slip that had people giving me funny looks. I held my head high thinking it was the jacket that was doing the trick. Oh, how wrong I was... It turns out that draft wasn't from my newfound confidence but rather the delicately placed holes on my sweater. At least I could say I was a fashionable flasher? #lifegoals #freethenipple

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