17 May 2014

Street Style Saturday's | Art Basel Hong Kong 2014: An Ode to Menswear

Art Basel: Hong Kong's annual art fair that gives way to a whirlwind of events and a rapid influx of art dealers, art lovers and everyone in-between. At the show itself, I noticed a curious phenomenon where everyone seemed to be in groups rather than by themselves. And there I was by myself, shooting streetstyle when it had seemed that everyone decided to become social animals. It's funny that at events like these, it seems like a taboo to go alone... (In all honesty, would you really?)

It was also quite amusing to see these hordes of people gather at an art fair and not somewhere else. What can this possibly mean? That art in Hong Kong has become more of a social machine instead of just a pretty picture? In any case, it's a positive sign. Our city has always been known as a cultural desert but the rapid turnaround even has bloggers finding it hard to keep up with the recent slew of events. People are becoming more aware of what's happening on the streets and our curiosity is continuously growing with the creative arts holding a significant value in our education. As a streetstyle photographer, it's a great opportunity to capture this change through the ever-evolving style of Hong Kong-ites.

In this post, I turn your attention to menswear for a change. While I was impressed by some of the women's outfits, I have to say hands down that the men have it down to a point. Not overly pretentious, I honestly felt like I caught the essence of each gentleman. What they wore truly reflected their character and it was such a joy to capture this form of streetstyle as opposed to what's now referred to as "staged streetstyle". Some were colourful and flamboyant while others were thoughtfully restrained. Let's hope our style (and creativity) remains grounded and free from the economic pressure that irks every major financial hub...

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